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                Hey there, I'm Heather! 


   Welcome, I hope you're enjoying navigating around our website. 


I'm going to hazard a guess that if you're here you're also a self confessed candle lover!


   I started this business after a move back home to the UK from Australia left me without my favourite candle brand and on the hunt. Unfortunately all I seemed to be doing was burning a hole in my pocket and disappointment in my home. 

I knew I wanted pure wax after learning about the health risks of Paraffin and stumbled across this new blend of 

Coconut & Rapeseed Oil. I then paired this with the perfect selection of fun and fresh fragrance oils and after months of testing

Coco&Glow was born! 

Everything is designed, created, packaged and marketed by our small team.

I work hard on all the packaging to ensure it looks as good as it smells and adds a beautiful aesthetic to your home.  

I am absolutely loving this journey I have embarked on and can't wait to share it with you all! 

My mission is to inject some self care into your day, because life is busy and we all deserve to relax. 



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