• 250 g of Pure Coconut & Rapeseed Oil 

  • 60+ Hours Of Burning (approx) 

  • Natural Fragrance 

  • Hand Poured in Hampshire

  • Unique wood wicks 

Wood Wick -Christmas Day

Wood Wick -Christmas Day


The Ultimate luxurious christmas scent. Everything you could possibly want for your christmas day festivities.

With a fragrance that develops as you burn it reminding you of those childhood memories of running downstairs on christmas morning, the aroma of pine tree all adorned with lights and then later the delicious scents of lunch being cooked. 

With nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and warming spices this is a must have candle. 


Made from Pure Coconut and Rapeseed oil making them natural , sustainable  and completely free of all synthetic additives and completely safe for the whole family to enjoy. 


All our  fragranced candles are hand-poured into beautiful matte white glass jars making them the perfect addition to any room. 

We use the unique wooden wicks by lumetique, which have the most satisfying crackling sound when lit making you feel like your sitting next to a real log fire. 


From label creation to wick selection everything has been chosen with you in mind, so sit back and relax while you enjoy one of our highly fragranced candles flickering away. 

  • About Coco&Glow

    • Hand poured in small batches
    • UK based in Hampshire
    • Made from 100% natural Coconut & Rapeseed Wax
    • 260g net/ up to 70hrs burn time
    • Beautiful cylinder packaging means they make perfect gifts
    • Highly Scented for an even burn the whole way through.
    • Eco friendly & Hypoallergenic wax
  • How to care for your candle

    Light for a minimum of two hours or until the wax pool has reached all edges of the jar, this ensures the candle burns evenly each time and you do not get any tunnelling.

    After each burn let the wax cool and trim off the black charred wood, this is easily done with your nails and if you tip the candle upside down whilst doing it you won't get any soot in your candle. Ensuring you trim the wick prior to each burn stops the wick from getting too hot and burning your candles too fast... meaning it will last longer :)

    Feel free to place your cooled candle back into the canister to keep it clean in between burns!